Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

  Owner Married to owner Vyto for over 45 years, Becky specializes in financial management and oversees the pharmacies' accounts while playing the role of Number One grandmother and mother.
 Becky D. 
Hired Title Biography

2004 Pharmacist, CEO & Owner Staying with the family business, Nathan is a Purdue University graduate (PharmD) of the School of Pharmacy and a Highland High alumnus. He has been working with the pharmacy since it opened in 1989. 
Nathan D. 

2008 Owner &
VJ (PharmD), a graduate of Purdue University's School of Pharmacy, followed in the footsteps of his brother Nathan by gaining additional experience in retail by working for another pharmacy. After working in the family business most of his life, VJ is now the head of Compounding at Vyto's.
Vyto J. D.
  2000 Pharmacist Carmen, a veteran in the trade, is the Pharmacist-in-Charge at the Highland store. She loves what she does and passes on the feeling to her customers.   
 Carmen C. 

2014 Pharmacist Traci works in both the Hammond and Highland stores.
 Traci V.

2011 Pharmacist Suzanne graduated from Midwestern University in 2008 with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. After working two years for CVS, she is Pharmacist-in-Charge at the Kennedy Avenue store.
 Suzanne C.

2011 Pharmacist Tim works on-call at the Vyto's Kennedy Avenue location.  His commitment to customer care is essential to our focus on our customer health. 
 Tim B.

2012 Pharmacist Tom is Pharmacist-in-Charge at the Hohman Avenue store, and his passion for pharmacy shines through as he works to satisfy every customer who walks through the door.  
 Tom G. 

2016 Pharmacist Alex is the Pharmacist-in-Charge at our 45th Street location in Highland. He is always willing to help everyone, giving them the best service possible
Alex G.
Durable Medical Equipment

2009 General Manager, Hammond stores Dave has had years of experience specializing in DME. He knows the in's and out's of the trade and makes sure to provide quality service to our customers.  
 David D.

2007 General Manager, Highland stores Gilbert provides customers with the durable medical equipment they need at the right cost. He also specializes in custom diabetic shoe fitting and oxygen-related equipment and service. Se habla espanol.
 Gilberto P.